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Graphic Collection!

Backlink for: how to kill lice

restaurant Regensburg

save planet earth

salvaged building materials

I've created "Z-company" banner for a Crew, and they appreciated it a lot. The banner contains "Moon" and "Shining-Stars" which give it a cool atmosphere, and the greenish background sounds perfectly for Pakistan!
This is the second banner I've created for Z-Comapny Crew. This is old one which they used on their site, and after some months they have ordered the above one! Its Simple Flash Animation work, which gives it simple sound, and pleasant looking banner!

These are my first Buttons for my own web site, its totally my work, and I liked it a lot. I know its not that good, but you always like your first creation!
My First ever Flash GAME! I've spent a lot of my days to make it a good car racing game, people appericated this game a lot, but there are few flawses in this game, which could be sorted out soon!
Curtain, car and mixture of Cinema! While creating this mixed thing, my friend helped me creating curtain and the design! This animation file contains 2 animation files on it. And I successfully able to join them, and give them a cool decent look!